Integrated Mobility
Solution P-LUG

We provide fragmented services into a single platform to deliver an integrated, dynamic customer experience.
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Quick establishment and


Configure a portfolio with the services your company needs, with modularized service units.

Easy integration

with Legacy system

Easy to intergrate and manage legacy systems such as CRM, DMS, and PMS.

An integrated solution

for all users

P-LUG provides an integrated system for customers, dealers, and OEMs who use and provide services.
We launched our service in 10 European countries
In collaboration with P-LUG and Hyundai Europe, we created a platform called myHyundai. The platform will be launched in 10 European countries by 2023.
Seamless Integration
We provide fragmented services into a single platform to deliver
an intergrated, dynamic customer experience.
Buying a car
Online vehicle purchase and vehicle configuration
Customers can quickly lookup and purchase a vehicle based on the inventory data of dealerships, and preview quotations by configuring interior, exterior colors and specs. Based on the configuration, customers can receive live consultation on purchases or be connected with online sales channels.
Roadside assistance
Swift and reliable assistance for safe recovery
Customers can request a roadside assistant in the case of an emergency. We provide a swift assistance based on customer's location, and customers can check real-time progress status of the assistance.
Sell used car
Get estimates from dealers by simply taking a photo
To sell a used car, customers can share the specs, option and condition of their vehicle with a dealer. Dealers can provide a quotation based on the information. A deal takes place upon the agreed quotation and schedule.
Live consult
Direct communication between customer and dealers through Live Consultation and Chat functions
Customers can request a live or scheduled consultation to a dealer by selecting the type of service they want. Dealers can conduct a consultation with the customer via mobile/PC application. Screen sharing and device switching features for the dealer allow a seamless consultation in a non-face-to-face environment.
Exterior repair & Service booking
Receive reminders and schedule vehicle maintenance appointments online
Customers can get assistance with scheduled or occasional maintenance services after purchasing a vehicle. They can make a request by selecting the type of service and desired schedule, then consult with a dealer for a quotation. Reminders for next service appointments are provided based on their service history.
Manage entire vehicle lifecycle
with P-LUG
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